Minimum Wage Increase 2020

Minimum Wage Increase 2020

2020 California Minimum Wage Changes

2020 has come with many changes for employers and employees, the first being minimum wage. Beginning January 1, 2020, minimum wage has increased for all California employers. For employers with 25 employees or less, minimum wage has increased to $12/hour. For employers with 26 employees or more, minimum wage has increased to $13/hour. A schedule for California minimum wage rates for 2017-2023 can be found here along with FAQ’s. While this will cover many businesses, the San Diego City minimum wage is different.

The minimum wage for businesses within the City of San Diego is $13/hour regardless of the number of employees. This rate is effective January 1, 2020 as well. You can use this interactive map to determine whether your work location is within the City of San Diego. You can enter the business address into the search bar and if it is within the colored districts, then it is subject to the $13/hour minimum wage rate. You may also use this list of communities within the City of San Diego to determine if your business is in an affected area. Keep in mind the that the minimum wage rate is $13/hour regardless of number of employees for the City of San Diego.

You can always visit the City of San Diego website for more information.

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