When Can I Expect My 2023 IRS Refund?

If you’re expecting a refund then you’re most likely a taxpayer who is excited to be filing your taxes and should listen up!

When will the IRS begin accepting individual tax returns?

The answer is January 23rd.

If you intend to file early this year you can expect to see your refund directly deposited within 10 business days from the IRS acceptance date of your return, but you must e-file.

If you’re filing by mail, which we do not recommend , it may take up to six-weeks to receive your refund.

But paper filing isn’t the only reason you can experience a delay in your refund.  What’s reported on your tax return can also slow down the refund. One common refund delay is for those taxpayers claiming earned income tax credit or child tax credit. If you claimed either of these, you can expect the IRS to delay your refund by about a month while they verify the accuracy of the credit you are claiming.

One helpful tool is to file early. Filing during peak season can result in slightly longer wait times.

Filed your return and are now anxiously waiting on your refund?

Go to “Where’s My Refund?” on the IRS website or download the IRS2Go app to get your refund status update.